• CSS3
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • PHP

HTML5 / CSS3 coding

We are coding HTML5 / CSS3 in 'Pixel Perfect', valid with support all popular browsers and devices. Supproting: PSD / Ai / Fw / Id

We are working with CSS Framework like as 960 grid, 1140px grid, Fluid Baseline Grid, Foundation Zurb, Less Framework, YAML 4. Adaptive / Responsive HTML5, SASS / LESS

Our base standards:

  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Pixelperfect coding
  • Semantic HTML coding regarding the www.w3.org standards
  • SEO optimization
  • HTML passed validator.w3.org
  • Cross browser supporting (all popular browsers Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, OS X Safari, Opera)

Coding the HTML Newsletter with supporting: MS Outlook 2003+, Outlook Express, Apple Mail 3+, Mozilla Thunderbird 2+, Googlemail, Yahoo Mail, Lotus Notes 8+, Hotmail/Outlook

  • CMS Wordpress
  • CMS Magento
  • CMS Joomla
  • Zend Framework


We are working with commercial and free CMS

Website development on CMS (template, components, modules, plugins)

Develpment and bugfixing CMS, development jQuery пplugins, PHP scripts. Angular 2 development.

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